cpg concept to commercialization

Pursuing its strategic initiative to enter the retail space, Revolution Foods needed to develop a line of products that was a natural extension of its K12 mission. The project called for a complete blank slate approach. My role spanned from product conceptualization all the way to marketing and rollout. The outcome of this was not only a new product platform and channel, but also the formation of a completely new division within the Revolution Foods organization and brand.

digital marketing +


As a brick and mortar oriented organization, Method needed to adapt to evolving digital behaviors and look to the web to drive awareness and trial, but also explore a new revenue stream. I led the strategy, development and management of the direct channel from scratch, including both front-end (e-commerce) and backend (logistics/fulfillment) components.

product innovation to commercialization

Method set out to achieve in the automative aisle what it accomplished in the cleaning products aisle - a complete reinvention of the consumer experience around car care. Through a collaboration with Target, I led the implementation and brand management of Vroom, a new kind of auto care line aimed specifically for the casual car enthusiast.

campaign development

PACT needed a compelling and differentiated and low/no budget holiday campaign in-line with its unique one-for-one business model that directly linked product development to marketing campaign. I devised and created a holiday line and accompanying campaign around providing solar lighting to earthquake ravaged Haiti, with a clever holiday lights themed line designed by Yves Behar.

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brand identity + experience

Revolution Foods needed to evolve to connect with a more diverse audience as it prepared to enter the consumer retail space, beyond its K12 roots. I devised and led the strategy for rebranding with an iconic, yet human brand identity that was in line with Revolution Foods’ mission-driven, kid roots. I then rolled that out to all touch points across the brand.


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Gunther challenged us to think differently with innovative and creative ideas driven from shrewd insights...[he] is practically a one-man agency.

kristin richmond – cofounder and ceo, revolution foods

“                         ”

A versatile and tireless colleague with a passion for building both our brand and our company...a force-multiplier and shows his worth in spades with whatever he's associated.

adam lowry – cofounder, method products

“                         ”

He infuses strategic thinking into all aspects of his work. His expertise spans a wide range of marketing disciplines – from creative to innovation to social media. Gunther is a marketing renaissance man who is adept and insightful and a true pleasure to work with.

kirsten tobey – cofounder, revolution foods

building beloved brands

I’m a versatile brand marketer, innovator and creative thinker. I've built and managed creative and brand teams at admired organizations from 10 to 100,000 people.

Successful brands are great storytellers. I treat the brands I work on like a book. Not just any book though - for me, I want it to be your favorite book…that can’t-put-it-down, gotta-tell-my-friends, I’d-read-that-again (and again) kind of book. Meticulous attention to every word, every chapter, every detail to craft a brand experience worth coming back to again and again.


global campaign development

Nokia needed to create awareness and for its newly created digital health portfolio while at the same time reaching aggressive sales goals in Europe and North America. In the span of 3 months, we needed to vet agencies, craft a campaign platform, shoot commercials and roll out an integrated campaign across 4 languages. The result was a bold campaign that was both category-disrupting, but also marked a fresh, new chapter in Nokia’s 152-year-old brand presence.

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messaging + brand identity

Nokia had a challenge. It was a leading player in the nascent VR category but struggled to find a way to articulate its vision and purpose in the space. With a broad array of products and no cohesive story around which to message to its different customer audiences, Nokia struggled to break through in the market. I crafted a messaging platform around which to align the product offering and positioning to our key audiences that was rolled out at NAB 2017. Following up on this, I refined the brand aesthetic, introduced a product naming architecture and crafted the strategy and assets for the launch of new VR hardware and software.

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“                         ”

Rarely have I seen someone ramp up to full-speed so quickly, contributing from day one. Gunther proved himself highly capable and able to adapt to whatever I asked him to cover.

rob le bras-brown – cmo, nokia technologies

brand strategy  •  creative direction    package design    campaign development   messaging + copywriting    website development   consumer experience    visual + voice identity  photography    content development    social media    agency selection + management e-commerce brand guidelines    new product innovation    email marketing  •  creative production    naming    events  consumer insights  •  pulling rabbits out of hats

  1. leadership in brand strategy, creative + activation
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